College of Computing and Informatics

College of Computing and Informatics :

     There is an increasing demand for specialists in the field of computing which has entered all life fields. Therefore, our faculty members from all departments are keen interested in designing variant curricula and courses that help to achieve pioneer academic and practical future. The college seeks to produce highly qualified national computer cadres in order to contribute effectively to the society of knowledge and the national developments. 

Departments :

    - Department of Computer Science 

    - Department of Information Technology 

    - Department of Informatics Computer

Goals : the continued development by cooperating with national and international partnerships,

    2.offer interdependent programs by making complementary subjects, which represent the latest scientific and technical developments,

    3.keep pace with the developments of the field of computing and  informatics in all world universities

    4.bridge between applied sciences and information technology 

    5.upgrade our students' expertise 

    6.prepare qualified graduates and supply them with cognitive skills to achieve competitiveness in the fields of computing and informatics,

    7.provide consultancy and training programs in the field of computers to enhance the role of the college in the community.

Jobs for Graduates :

    As computers became more accessible to the general and private sectors, the need for more specialists in the areas of information and computerization is increasing. So, the administration of SEU considered the necessity of fulfilling the needs of labor market. Labor markets faces job-shortages such as the following;  

    1.Head of Information Center

    2.Assistant Systems Analyst 

    3.Systems Analyst

    4.Systems Analyst and Designer 

    5.Assistant Programmer


    7.Computers Operator

    8.Computer Operator Supervisor

    9.Assistant  Database Specialist 

    10.Databases Specialist

    11.Software Documentation and Assistant Systems Specialist

    12.Software and Systems Documentation Specialist

    13.Information Registrar Supervisor 

Ministry of Higher Education Supervises the Kingdom's Participation in the International American Book Festival

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia participated, for the four times in a row, in the International American Book Festival which was held in New York on 26/6/2012. The Saudi participants included; Ministry of Higher Education, Ministry of Media, Ministry of Culture, universities, national libraries, publishers writers and booksellers.  The Saudi

University KSA e participates in international higher education exhibition 2012

University KSA participates in electronic and exhibition of the third International Conference of higher education and sponsored by the custodian of the two Holy Mosques King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz, may God preserve him, organized by the Ministry of higher education in the period 25-28 jomada 1433 e Riyadh exhibition