College of Health Sciences

    The health service sector has recently witnessed unique  leaps in the kingdom and the around the world. The idea of establishing our CHS comes from our sincere intention to keep pace with all technical and qualitative needs, aspiration and developments of health sector. Therefore, we aim to graduate very qualified cadres and specialists who enjoy excellent knowledge and research skills to serve our community. 


    - Department of Health Informatics.

    - Department of Public Health.


    Our vision is to become the leading health sciences college in KSA where varied undergraduates, scientists, and experts come together to integrate learning, health information technology with the concepts of public health to improve the health of our communities.  


    Our mission is to develop and enrich the health of the nation everywhere, endorse fineness in education,  provide additional ground-breaking cutting-edge programs, and offer excellent service to our Saudi society and the world.


    Though its departments, study plans, and academic curricula, the college seeks to achieve the following:

    1.raising the competence levels of ours students to keep pace with the developments of various health sectors in the Kingdom

    2.developing the spirit of belonging and proficiency 

    3.fulfilling the needs of our society by producing highly qualified national health cadres

    4.raising health awareness in the community 

    5.providing appropriate educational environment for students and faculty members

    6.offering training and workshops to develop the skills of health staff

    7.presenting consultations to develop and support the health system  

    8.integrating e-learning, blended learning with the field of health informatics 

Department of Health Informatics:

    - Undergraduate Programs:

    - Health Informatics program

    - Health Information Systems program


    The undergraduate programs in Health Informatics and Health Information Systems support e-health application, electronic medical health record, remote health care, and telemedicine. This B.A. program aims to graduate students who possess technical health skills, knowledge, and effective communication skills to actively serve the labor market and the community.  

Goals :

    We aim to make our graduates able to :

    -apply their gained knowledge in the fields of computers, mathematics, health , and medical sciences 

    -apply variant analysis and problem-solving skills in the field of health

    -design, implement and evaluate available health systems

    -work effectively as a team to achieve common goals

    -understand issues of validity, ethics, professionalism, security,

    -communicate effectively 

    -participate in continuing professional development

Future Careers:

    Our graduates can work or contribute to one of the following sectors:

    -e-Health fields

    -the management of health information systems

    -health Informatics fields

    -public and private health care systems

    -administration, planning, or  implementation of health information projects

    -electronic medical records

    -electronic health records

    -health education \ electronic and interactive medical education

    -health databases management

    -facilitators  at universities and colleges

    -designers of curricula of health information systems 

Department of Public Health:

    Undergraduate Program


    The SEU P.H program also prepares students with a broad understanding of the core areas of public health. It focuses on health promotion; it incorporates and applies students' knowledge to address public health problems. The Department of Public Health care offers an undergraduate program which major goal is to prepare student to effectively carry out their profession in preventive medicine fields; preventing epidemics, occupational health, international health, environmental health, maternal and child health .

Future Careers:

    Our graduates can work in or contribute to any of the following sectors:

    -epidemiological survey 

    -control of infectious diseases

    - health education and health awareness

    -occupational health

     Environmental health careers includes:

    -Water control

    -Food control

    -Waste disposal

    -Rodent and Insect Control

    Also, They can work in these areas:

    - Supervision of and following-up endemic and infectious diseases

    - Health reporting 

    -periodic reports on infectious diseases

    - Work with municipalities to develop environmental hygiene , health disposal of waste, monitor the cleanliness of food, protect water from pollution sources

    -Work in government institutions dealing with social halth survey

    - Examining, land and air transports coming from outside

    - Prepare media devices or programs in health education departments

    - Work in the field of health monitoring at the Ministries of Water , Irrigation, Agriculture & forestrye

Saudi Electronic University Develop Program for “Electronic Media”, Deanship for Community Service

RIYADH: Vice rector of Saudi Electronic University for Planning, Development and Quality, Dr. Ahmed Al Barrak, declared that university will develop “Electronic Media” program for those interested in study of this major in the undergraduate and master’s degree. The college will be established under the name “Systems and Human Studies” in

Riyadh - spa : For the third day, Saudi Electronic University has been received more than 10,000 applications, since the beginning of receiving applications for admission and registration of high school graduates last Saturday, through the website of the University at to study in its branches in Riyadh, Dammam,