About the University

What is Saudi Electronic University?

It is a Saudi government university accredited by a royal decree No. 37409\B, dated on 10\9\1432 AH. Its graduates are treated equally to their colleagues in other Saudi Universities, whether privet or government, in terms of future career.

What does an "electronic" university mean?

SEU has a legal entity and a significant figure given the right to own and conduct in accordance with what is contained in the proposed organization of the university. It undoubtedly needs a complete perfect administration and infrastructure in order to do its mission, achieve its goals, and be fit to its model of learning and education. Although the education is being in online virtual classes, however, the university management and development of curricula are urgent. So there is actually a requirement to have a large headquarters and sub-centres slimmer in order to provide students with educational services, as well as to offer the requirements for evaluate academic achievement where implemented in computer labs and have done by learners themselves. Moreover, being an electronic university means a model of learning using the techniques of e-learning and distance education. It does neither mean the absence of a headquarters of the university nor other management centres. Undoubtedly, Electronic universities’ environments are different from traditional one, which the later accommodate all students, staffs, and faculty members on campus. While electronic universities don’t have a lot of full-time faculty members, staff, or halls. All in all, electronic universities are always in need for increased technical and academic support and content development teams working 24hrs a week..... etc.

Is it a parallel university, or a public one?

SEU is a financially, an administratively and a scientifically, independent institution, and it is another choice for the one who cannot complete his education in the other Saudi universities. Also it aims to compete for other global universities in the field of technologies of e-learning, and to complete the higher education system, as well as to be compatible with the strategic plan for higher education (Horizons), so that it would be able to be on the ranks of Saudi universities.

What are the underpinnings of a proposal to establish an electronic university?

Under the light of the world trend to establish electronic universities and because no country in the world now does not have a public university based on distance education, the issue to construct such a university is intensely urgent. So the underpinnings of a proposal to establish Saudi Electronic University are the following:

  • • The Rulers’ assertive will to achieve the global leadership and excellence of the kingdom in higher education. This aim will be accomplished by providing high quality educational programs in higher education based on information and communication technology, and applications of e-learning and distance education.
  • • The university will effectively contribute to constructing a society of knowledge and the economy by using education techniques.
  • • It will also seek to activate the international communication and the national identity universally through what the Kingdom does specialize on such as religious sciences, Arabic language and history of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • • Make a qualitative change in Higher Education path to provide a more capable and efficient e-learning model to deal with new developments, through distinct programs and overseas professors.
  • • Provide a higher education based on learning theories in a virtual environment characterized by affordability and highly efficiently, with student-centred and overcome the lack of staff and reduce the differences between them.
  • • Offer more educational opportunities, flexibility and bypass the borders of space and time.
  • • Provide more distinct educational opportunities for people with special needs, and promote the principle of self-learning and lifelong learning.
  • • The desire to fulfil the needs of the labour market, and enabling employees without dropping out of work.

What is the relationship between SEU and other Saudi universities?

SEU will be a model to be followed in distance education and e-learning, integrated with other Saudi universities but not a substitute for it. Participation in programs, contents and experiences with other interested Saudi universities will be one of its goals. Also it will contribute to increasing using potentials of Saudi universities and take advantage of their real possibilities such as hospitals, labs… etc. In future, SEU would be an interface for distance education for universities.

Are education centres considered branches of the university? What about its expansion, width and goals?

SEU is different from other universities because it has centres spread among several areas. These centres have flexibility that enables it to communicate easily with students and staff all. In fact, they are education centres not branches of the university and they will be in areas where many people want to belong to the university.

What are the priorities of the university? Is it for new graduates or for employees?

The university aims to provide a high education in significant majors to support other universities. Also, it objects to develop skills, to activate international communication and to take advantage of best programs and global experts. It targets those who want to study by this model of education whether they are employees, new graduates, or others who have not had the chance to enrol in regular education.

Will new branches of the university be opened next academic year?

Yes, it will. They will be opened in Qassim, Al-Jouf and Asir.

To what extent are the graduates acceptable to private and public sectors?

Generally, if graduates would be excellent, employers would directly attract them. So the university will try its best to fulfill labor needs by developing programs, attracting distinct faculty members, and presenting good advertisement for the university. All this will contribute to the success of the university, not only locally but also regionally and globally.

What is the future vision of the university?

The future vision of SEU is to be a leader in e-learning, contributes to building the economy and a society of knowledge locally and globally and to increase the efficiency of higher education institutions production, provides a role-model, high quality and affordable higher education, conveys the Kingdom's cultural message and national identity, applies means and standards of best local and global universities, fulfils the needs of labour market, offers the chance for employees to combine between learning and employing by developing their skills without dropping out of work, provides long-life learning, solves the community problems, finally interfaces national and international challenges. These goals will go side to side with principles of quality, efficiency, profession, student-centred, and having international partnerships as well as promotion of Islamic identity.

Electronic Education

What is the difference between the Electronic University, E-education and Saudi universities?

Saudi Electronic University is one of the modalities of higher education established by royal decree. Its certificate is similar to the certificates of Saudi universities and its graduate is treated as a regular student in Saudi universities, while what some Saudi universities are presenting at the present time of distance learning programs is considered as (enrolment) system which universities have developed it and name it developed enrolment system and used some tools and concepts of E-learning. Certificates of this kind of education are considered as enrolment not regular in the Ministry of Civil Affairs.

What is the difference between the E-learning and distance Education?

E-learning: refers to the use of various kinds of electronic media and information and communication technologies in education which is made in traditional learning environment that are based on the presence of learners in the same place and time. Distance Education: is a mode of delivering education by using e-learning techniques and doesn’t need personal attend to the university. It is also supported by a range of virtual private gatherings of university professors and scientists and scholars from around the world.

Studying System

What is the system of study at the university?

Study system at the university is subject to the rules of study and test for the undergraduate within the Higher Education Council and Universities.

What the percentage of attendance at the university?

The direct personal attendance percentage is 25%m and the rest is through the e-learning and distance education.

How do I contact the faculty members?

There are two ways, either through direct meetings or through virtual classrooms and educational forums.

What is the right way to attend lectures?

There is a direct attendance, and the other one is through using the university’s e-learning system.

What is the way of participation and homework submission?

Participation varies from one course to another.

How many years of study at the university?

Four or five years, according to the academic program.

What is the language of study at the university?

The studying language is English.

Is the university system allows the study of non-Saudis?

5% of the seats will be for non-Saudis who have a legal residence in the Kingdom.

What are the testing methods at the university, paper or computerized?

Testing system varies according to each course in the academic program.

Academic Programs Presented by the University

- What are the available colleges and majors in the university?

  • 1- College of Financial and Administrative Sciences, and it includes:
    • • Business Administration Department.
    • • Finance Department.
    • • Accounting Department.
    • • E-commerce
  • 2- College of Computing and Information, and it includes:
    • • Computer Sciences Department.
    • • Information Technology Department.
    • • IT Computing Department.
  • 3- College of Health Sciences.
    • • Department of Health Informatics.
    • • Department of Public Health.

What scientific degrees presented by the University?

The University will start in bachelor degree program and the master degree for the major of Business Administration only (MBA).

What are the available departments at the University for the Bachelor Degree?

The available majors for the academic year 1434 – 1435 A.H are: Accounting and E-commerce at the college of Financial and Administrative Sciences, IT at the college of Computing and Information, Health Informatics at the college of Health Sciences only.

Is the certificate of Saudi Electronic University certified by the related Ministries?

Yes, it’s certified by the ministry of Health, ministry of civil service, and minister of Labor as well as relevant directions.

What are the academic degrees that are presented by the university?

For next academic year, Master degree of business administration will be available as well as bachelor degree in Accounting, e-commerce at the college of Financial and Administrative Sciences, IT at the college of computing and Information Sciences, and Health Informatics at the college of Health Sciences only after passing preparatory year.

What is the department that the University will start with in the first year?

The available majors for the academic year 1434-1435 A.H are: Accounting and E-commerce from College of Administrative and Financial Sciences, IT from College of Computing and Information, and Health Informatics at the college of Health Sciences only after passing preparatory year.

What are the required majors for Master Degree?

The admission for MBA program is only for male students. The student should have Bachelor of business administration and administrative sciences in general.

Is there a chance to open other majors and when ?

Yes, in 1434-1435 A.H For the college of (sciences and human studies), the major is: Law and Electronic Media, and these programs will be in Arabic, and the same conditions of passing preparatory year in English.

Can students, who graduated from this university with master degree, complete PHD degree outside the kingdom?

Yes sure, but this is subject to the evaluation of each university.

Admission and registration

What is the percentage needed to get to university?

Secondary school graduates will be accepted, and will be distinguished according to their percentage.

How are applicants differentiated between?

Admission percentage in the preparation year will be according to rate and specialization in secondary school (scientific – literary – other branches).

When will registration be available?

Registration for the new year 1433, 1434 in university begins on the sixth of Ramadan 1433, and details will be declared on the university site.

What are the main conditions for registration fir bachelor in university?

  • 1- Secondary certificate is important for applicant, and applicants who have equal certificates with different specializations (Quran memorization – commercial – scientific institute – industrial – medical – agricultural – artificial supervision).
  • 2- The applicants should be Saudi, non-Saudi with a Saudi mother or a Gulf cooperation citizen, and 5% of seats are dedicated for legal residents.
  • 3- The applicants not to have been fired even academically or as a punishment.
  • 4- Filling information in the form via the electronic admission site.
  • 5-Paying the fares for every paid study unit.
  • 6- There will be three branches for the university in addition to the main branch and the student should have a minimum attendance not less than 25% to study in the chosen branch , which are :
  • • The main branch in Riyadh.
  • • Jeddah city
  • King Abdul Aziz University:
  • Male Students: Faculty of education assembler in Al-Faisalia district, Building (B) .
  • Female students: Girl faculties’ assembler in Al-Faisalia district , number(460)
  • • Dammam city
  • Male Students: http://seu.edu.sa/pages/view/damam_k
  • Female students: Dammam University, building 600
  • • Al-Madinah Al monawara:
  • Male Students: Teeba university ( Abar Ali)
  • Female students: Teeba university ( Al-Salam)

What are the conditions for the master program?

  • 1- A bachelor degree in any branch of in a specialization of business administration (accountancy – financial – administrative information systems – administration – human resources administration – processes administration – economical -……) from an approved university.
  • 2- The final rate should be less than Good in BA.
  • 3- (Non-obligatory) to present the degree of GMAT test. Or GRE test, and it is used as a criteria to differentiate between applicants, and it is not obligatory to get into a university.
  • 4- To have a degree not less than 500 in the TOEFL test or any other equal test ( STEP) represented from the national centre of measurement and assessment , or 5.5 in IELTS test , and English –studying programs applicants are the only exception.
  • 5- Filling the joining form on the electronic site.
  • 6- Applicants are obliged to pay 1000 riyals for every official studied unit.
  • 7- Admission this year will be only for male students and will be available from the next year 1434-1435 for female students.
  • 8- Admission will be available from the next year 1434-1435 for applicants who have a bachelor degree in non-administrative specializations after completing the bachelor degree program subjects.
  • 9- There will be two branches for the university in addition to the main branch and the student should have a minimum attendance not less than 25% to study in the chosen branch , which are :
  • • The main branch in Riyadh.
  • • Jeddah city
  • King Abdul Aziz University:
  • Male Students: Faculty of education assembler in Al-Faisalia district, Building (B) .
  • Female students: Girl faculties’ assembler in Al-Faisalia district , number(460)
  • • Dammam city
  • Male Students: http://seu.edu.sa/pages/view/damam_k
  • Female students: Dammam University, building 600

Are there priorities for admission according to the date of applying?

There are no priorities according to date, but there is a dead line for applying.

What is the mechanism for admission in university?

Preference will be built only on the result rate of secondary grade.

Is the admission priority for those who have just graduated from high school this year?

No, it is not. The preference will be according to rate only.

Can I apply to join a university while I am still studying in another university?

Applying is not available for those who are still belonging to any of the high education institutions.

Is a photocopied secondary school certificate accepted?

At first, the original certificate will be necessary to get the final admission.

How many forms can an applicant fill?

An applicant should fill four forms for the specializations he would like to study, and admission will be via preference between applicants competitively according to the final result for the preparation year.

How non-Saudi students from Saudi mothers are accepted?

They are accepted and dealt with normally, like Saudis.

How a student may know the admission result, and when the text message to be delivered?

An admission message will be sent in a week after the dead line for admission is over.

When will the registration start?

At the beginning of every academic year, as registration is annual.

Can an applicant present a temporary certificate instead of TOEFL one , until it will be delayed from the centre side?

This is not allowed, as an applicant it should be during registration.

Can an applicant move from a Saudi university to the electronic Saudi university equalizing certain subjects?

Yes, it is allowed to move from one university to another, just in case the applicant gets less than 5 in the IELTS test or 500 in the TOEFL test and exceeded the preparation in any of the Saudi universities. Transference will be determined according to the subjects studied by the applicant starting from the year 1434-1435.

Preparatory year

Is there a preparatory year system in the university?

Yes, there is a preparatory year and passing it is required to study Bachelor programs.

What are the requirements for passing preparatory year?

To pass preparatory year in English language course, student should gain 5 or more in IELTS, or 500 in TOFEL or the parallel grade in STEP exam, and since the academic studying is based on English Language, the one who doesn’t gain the required grade, he can’t join the academic majors that are presented by the university. As for other courses, student mush gain 60%. In case student failed in 3 courses of preparatory year or more, that means he failed in all preparatory years’ courses. But in case he failed in two course or less during preparatory year, the will be a chance for the student to pass it during the summer semester. There is no degree for English Language in the GPA; there is only passing and failure only, whereas other courses’ grades are mentioned in the GPA.

What courses are used by the university?

The university uses the best international universities’ programs. A committee studied the best courses that are applied in the university especially in United States, so the committee has chosen internationally applied courses, bought them and then applied them in the university under the supervision of American Universities. There will be supervision committee done by American universities to observe the application of these courses. It’s remarkable to mention that these courses need more time and effort to learn them.

What is the English language that is applied in the preparatory year?

The university has made a study on all the courses of learning the language online, and it suggested that the courses of English Town Company is the best course based on the international standards. So, there was an agreement with this company in offering courses for the students, and the company has an educational system which is like a default institute to teach English language for non-speakers and this institute consists of 16 levels compatible with general European standards divided into beginners’ level and advanced levels. Each level includes eight interactional studying units. These units target building the development of basic English language skills such as reading, listening, and speaking. The default institute uses the newest educational theories and strategies and the learner is considered as the centre of the educational process.

Is the English language required to join the university?

The language of studying is in English. Preparatory year focuses on the development of English language skills. To get Master degree, it requires to have a grade not less than 500in TOEFL or what is equivalent to it like ( STEP ) exam presented by QYIAS or 5,5 in IELTS but those who were graduated from programs that used to be taught in English don’t have to attend these exams.

Is it possible to transfer and make equation for the courses after the preparatory year?

Transferring from university to a university basically depends on the university that the student wants to transfer to, and there should be compatibility in the academic programs in both universities.

Is it possible for master students to study preparatory year to strengthen their English language?

Preparatory year helps students and making them ready to study for bachelor degree. So, master students can’t join it because they are considered as if they passed it before.

Studying fees

Is studying in this university free?


how is the way of payment?

By" sadad " through ATM ,internet banking or phone banking

For more information : http://seu.edu.sa/pages/view/sadad

how to take back your fees in case of the withdrawal?

If a student presented his withdrawal during the possibility of fees recovery, a certified check by his name will be exchanged three weeks later after presenting withdrawal request and it will be mailed to the same address that was added in the withdrawal request.

Is there an alternative way to pay once SADAD system needs repairing?

Yes, by Al-bilad bank.

can fees be paid by instalments?

No, the whole bill will be inserted in SADAD system.

can scholarships be presented to some students?

Yes, presenting scholarships for special students will be considered at the end of the first semester of the academic year, that means after completing the preparatory year.

Technical requirements

What are the technical requirements needed to study at university?

(laptop, notebook)or desktop or ipad. Microphone and camera should be provided.

What is the required browser?

Internet explorer, Firefox or safari .

How is the required speed of the Internet?

Not less than 2 megabytes.

Al-Mousa: Saudi Electronic University grants "regular" certificate but not an affiliated one.

​ The Rector President of Saudi Electronic University, Dr. Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al-Mousa,  stressed that the university, the 25th governmental institution, grants an accredited regular certificates and degrees, but doesn't grant affiliated ones. Dr. Al-Mousa said that SEU uses a blended education system that combines face-to-face attendance and the use