The President's Biography 

    - Professor Abdullah Bin Abdul-Aziz Ibn Muhammad Al-Mosa

    - PhD in Curricula and Methods of Teaching Computers

    - Date of Birth: 1385 AH.

    - Marital Status: Married (7 children)

    - Current Work: President of Saudi Electronic University

Educational Qualifications: 

    - Professor (from 1428 AH)

    - PhD in Curricula Planning and Methods of Teaching Computers (with a minor in Management and Planning), 

    - Master Degree in Computer Science (with concentration on the use of internet in Education), Ohio University

    - Master Degree in Statistics, Research Methodologies, and Educational Assessment, Ohio University 

    - Master Degree in Curricula and Methods of Teaching, Umm Al-Qura University 

    - Bachelor Degree in History, Al-Imam Muhammad Ibn Saud Islamic University, 1408 AH 

    - General Secondary Certificate, 1403-1404 AH

Current Work:

    - Rector President of Saudi Electronic University

    - Chairman of the Committee of Composing Computer Textbooks for Middle and Primary Schools in Ministry of Education, since 1424/1425 AH. till present

    - A member of Distance Education Committee in Arab Gulf, emanating from the GCC secretariat

    - A member of The Board of Trustees at Fahad Bin Sultan University in Tabuk, 

    - A member of the Administrative Council in Saudi Society for Educational and Psychological Sciences (Justin) Association. Vice-President for 6 years

    - A member of a number of internet committees in different governmental sector

Academic Experience:

    - Vice-President for Scholarship Affairs, Ministry of Higher Education, 15/5/1429  – 6/3/1433 AH

    - General Supervisor of the General Administration for Missions and Scholarships, Ministry of Higher Education, 21/3/1428  – 15/5/1429 AH

    - Dean of the College of Computer and Information Sciences at Imam Muhammad ibn Saud Islamic University 17/05/1423 - 26/03/1428 AH

    - Dean of the College of Science at Imam Muhammad ibn Saud Islamic University, 03/23/1427 - 21/03/1428 AH

    - A member of Academic Council, Imam Muhammad ibn Saud Islamic University, 17/5/1423 – 26/3/1428 AH

    - An Expert in the field of informatics, UNESCO, 2001-2002 AD

    - Head of Computer and Information Managements Department, 16/12/1421 AH

    - Chairman of The National Family for Computer, Ministry of Education,  1422/1432 AH

    - A member of Supreme Committee for Computers, General Presidency for Girls Education, 1420/1421 AH

    - A member of the Committee of Writing Methods of Computer Textbooks in Girls' Education, (the Author of Secondary School Computer Textbooks )

    - A member of the National Family for Technology, academic year 1423/1424 AH

    - The Representative of the Kingdom for Computer Curricula in 1423 AH, ISESCO, UAE

    - Chairman of the Committee of Planning for Preparatory Year, Department of Computer and Information Systems

Conferences and Seminars:

    - Conference of Ministers of Higher Education, the Seventh , Riyadh, 1420 AH.  (The Representative of Saudi Arabia in the Information Systems Committee). 

    - Future School Seminar, King Saud University, 1423 AH

    - Distance Learning Seminar, Gulf University, Bahrain,1425 AH

Social and Media Activities:

    - Columnist, Publishing more than 250 articles about informatics in Al-Jazeera Newspaper, 

    - Publishing more than 30 articles in various Saudi newspapers and journals 

    - TV, Radio, Newspapers, Journals talks about informatics

    - Participating in more than 8 programs about informatics (computer and internet) on Saudi TV

    - Participating in more than 6 talks on Riyadh Radio

    - Participating in a number of community service programs at Imam University

    - Participating in a number of lectures and seminars talking about community services 

    - a member of many committees in Imam University, and Ministry of Higher Education

Academic Organizations:

    - A member of Saudi Society for Computers

    - A member of Distance Learning Center (the use of computer in education) at Ohio University in America

    - A member of Association of Curricula Development (ASCD) in America

    - A member of more than ten online groups specialized in computer and internet

Published Books:

    1.The Use of Computers in Education, 5th edition, 1430 AH

    2.Come To Learn Computer and Internet, a series of books, 1432 (dedicated to preliminary, elementary, and middle schools, taught in more than 5000 schools in KSA, more than of 300000 copies annually, Eighth edition 

    3.Introduction to Computer and Internet, 7th edition, 1433 AH

    4.E-Learning: Foundations and Application, co-author, 1425 AH

    5.Come To Learn Computer and Internet; for kids, a series of books,  (ICDL) for kids, 1426 AH

Published Researches:

    1.The Use of Internet in Higher Education, 1420 AH.  

    2.The Roles of Internet Communication Services in the Development of Higher Education Systems, 1421 AH. 

    3.Cultural Industries and Challenges of Information Ages, 2000 AD

    4.An Internet Approach; a Proposed Model for Developing Online Education Curricula in the Kingdom, 1423 AH. 

    5.The Reality of Using Information Technology and Computers in the Primary Education in the Gulf States, 1422 AH. 

    6.A Proposed Plan for Introducing Computers to Education Systems in Arab Gulf States, 1422 AH. 

    7.E-learning: Concept, Foundations, Elements, and Components. College of Education at King Saud University, 1426 AH. 

    8.The Trends of Faculty Members Toward Information Technology at Imam Muhammad bin Saud Islamic University, 1428 AH. 

    9.The Extent of Proficiency of High School Students in Using ICDL Skills in Riyadh City, 1428 AH. 

    10.The Demands of E-learning, 2007 AD

    11.Impediments of Using E-learning in Secondary School in Riyadh City, 1428 AH. 

    12.Theories of Education and its Relationship to Immediate Education, 1428 AH.

Training seminars and workshops:

    - Networks Workshop, for one week, Riyadh City, 1421 AH. 

    - E-learning Workshop, for 3 weeks, Malaysia, 1423 AH.  

Educational Interests:

    - computer applications in governmental administration 

    - the use of internet in education 

    - internet and intranet applications in distance learning

    - assessment of  educational software applications 

    - planning for training programs

    - designing and developing educational programs

Other interests;

    - volunteering in community services (public lecture, Media talks, critical writings and posts)

    - providing free consultations that serve the country's ministries such as developing the website of Ministry of Justice, participating in developing the plan of designing the site of the General Presidency of The Two Holly Mosques

    - participating in workshops that discuss state plans such as private education studies, future of education studies, or Chamber of Commerce studies regarding proposed programs to serve labor market

Al-Mousa: Saudi Electronic University grants "regular" certificate but not an affiliated one.

​ The Rector President of Saudi Electronic University, Dr. Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al-Mousa,  stressed that the university, the 25th governmental institution, grants an accredited regular certificates and degrees, but doesn't grant affiliated ones. Dr. Al-Mousa said that SEU uses a blended education system that combines face-to-face attendance and the use