College of Administrative and Finance Sciences

    Most commercial and governmental sectors or projects rely heavily on business experts, i.e. graduates of Administrative and Finance Sciences colleges, because our colleges' graduates are equipped with the tools and strategies of studying the feasibility of any project,  and invest capitals based on what they have learned and acquired. Many students favor studying at our college and find it fun. Such kind of students usually excel in many projects in business world; many business experts have reported stories of successes of some students who started with very small amounts of money and then ended up into a giant capitalist firms which contribute to the national economy and global market. 

Vision :

    We look forward to become one of the best colleges of Business Administration in the Gulf Area through our programs, which are carefully selected, and our staff and specialists , who have a range of successful experiences in the field. 

Mission :

    Our college aims to offer distinguished programs in which latest technologies and all patterns of distance education are employed  to achieve our objectives. The college also aspires to produce highly-qualified graduates equipped with all necessary administrative and financial skills and knowledge. 

Goals :

    College of Administrative and Finance Sciences aims to

    •  offer outstanding programs to produce new charismatic leaders who will create and develop newest products and services

    •  provide students with knowledge, skills, and efficiency by using latest educational and training methods

    •  develop and sustain our students managerial skills to enable them to lead business organization in both private and public sectors

    •  implement national and global standards related to quality guarantees 

    •  develop our students' critical and creative thinking, teamwork skills, and ability of making decisions.  

Departments :

    -     Department of Business Administration


    Department of Finance


    Department of Accounting


    Department of E-Commerce

Department of Business Administration :

- Graduates Skills:

    1.Our business administration graduates can get a job in all human resources departments, in all private or public sectors, or  in all small or large production and service enterprises,

    2.Our marketing graduates can work in all marketing departments, and in all productive and service sectors,

    3.Our marketing and business administration graduates have the option of pursuing their higher education which qualifies them to work in research centers, universities, and various scientific institutions. 

Future Careers:

    •Manager, General Manager, Head of Section, Division Manager, Director

    •Administrative Development Researcher, Organizational Researcher , Organizational Consultant  

    •Planning Researcher, Planning Consultant 

    •Section Chief, Section Assistant Chief 

    •Administrative Inspector Assistant,  Administrative Inspector

    •Administrative Supervisor Assistant, Administrative Supervisor

    •Administrative Investigator, Administrative Assistant Investigator

    •Staff Affairs Supervisor , Staff Affairs Auditor, Salaries Auditor

    •Staff Affairs Researchers, Staff Affairs Consultant

    •Recruitment Exams Researcher

    •Researcher Assistant, Researcher, Consultant 

    •Jobs Analyst 

    •Workforce Researcher , Workforce Consultant

    •Systems Researcher or Consultant

Department of Accounting :

– Graduate Skills:

    Studying Accounting ensures your future prestigious career more than any other field in the world of business. Accounting graduates can : at all law accounting offices and get promoted from an accountant, to an auditor, to a director and to a partner, as  internal auditor, an accountant or financial auditor in all companies and governmental departments as a cost accountant in one of the agricultural, industrial, or service sectors as a financial expert or analyst in the capital market as a specialist of accounts, budget, or financial matters in all governmental institutions or major corporations.

- Future Careers:

    -Public Accountant

    -Accounts Analyst 

    -Accountant, Accountant Assistant 

    -Auditor. Auditor Assistant

    -Budget Researcher, Budget Researcher Assistant

    -Annuities Auditor or Consultant 

Department of Finance :

- Graduates Skills:

    Banks, Insurance Companies, Financial and Banking institutions and other kinds of companies always seek for graduates of Finance because financial expert have many skills; 

    1.They deeply understand the principles and concepts of financial systems and contracts.

    2.They have a thorough knowledge of  electronic financial systems and new methods of contracting .

    3.They keep pace with the new ways or procedures of financial transactions.

    4.They have the ability of reviewing and auditing financial transactions, and discovering contract mistakes and fixing them .  

    5.They also collect, save and organize financial papers.

    6.They prepare various financial reports and make recommendations thereon.

- Future Career:

    -Financial Inspector, Financial Inspector Assistant, Financial Inspector Chief

    -Financial Supervisor, Financial Supervisor Assistant, General Supervisor 

    -Financial Investigator, Financial Investigator Assistant, Financial Investigator Chief

    -Revenue Researcher, Revenue Researcher Assistant, Revenue Consultant

    -Revenue Analyst, Financial Analyst

Department of E-Commerce :

- Graduates Skills:

    E-Commerce is, a new field of study, a combination of business management and information technology. It is one of the strongest discipline that was categorized under management information systems but it became an independent field because of its recent fast growth. Some of the acquired skills of E-Commerce are as the following:

    1.developing websites

    2.practicing electronic commerce 

    3.commercial experience in Business searching via internet

    5.creating personal electronic customer files

    6.managing e-commerce and companies sites

    7.using logical and proper analysis to solve problems related to marketing and electronic commerce

    8.supporting electronic transactions and developing staff electronic skills 

    9.creating effective system for company, customers and employees

- Future Careers:

    -Information Research Assistant

    -Information Researcher

    -Information Consultant 

    -Information Senior Consultant

    -E-Business Analyst

    -Business Intelligence Analyst

    -Database Analyst

    -E-Business Consultant

    -Management Information Systems Analyst

    -strategic information systems analyst 

    -information security adviser

    -Web developers

    -IT libraries specialist 

    -Director of Electronic Records

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Al-Mousa to Al-Watan Newspaper : "SEU is Launched in 4 Cities; With a Capacity of 7000 Seats."

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